New Mom, New Beauty Essentials

Gone are the days of taking over an hour to get ready…. heck, gone are the days of taking ten minutes to get ready! I LOVE being a new mom but it has definitely cutdown on the “me” time. My beauty regime in the morning has gone from a relaxing hour and a half to a frantic five minutes! These four products have become fast favorites over the past ten weeks:

1. Pond’s Makeup Remover Wipes

Because you’re just too tired to wash your face and these are the best. 

2. It Cosmetics CC+ Cream
Blends out fast and has just enough coverage. A touch of mascara and bronzer and I’m looking somewhat presentable!

3. NYX Butter Gloss
The perfect hint of color!

4. Batiste Dry Shampoo

Because there’s just not enough time for clean hair everyday. 

I’m running out of nap time, but I hope you enjoyed my New Mom Beauty Essentials. Let me know what some of your favorites are!



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