Baby Faves | Wooden Toys & Keepsakes

Personalized Rattle from Roma Rattles | $29

Wooden Number Blocks from Little Sapling Toys  | $20

Tassel Teether from Fairy of Color | $8.50

New Baby Block from WOODKEEPS | $23

Isn’t the initial rattle so pretty?!  It came perfectly packaged too!  This would be a great baby shower gift for any new mama.  The number blocks are great for displaying her birthday in the nursery or for playing with during tummy time.  Tenley has been showing signs of teething so she’s loved hanging on to the tassel teether lately.  How perfect is the personalized wooden block?  I love that it has her birthday, weight, time of birth, etc. all on it.

I love the timeless feel of wooden baby toys.  They are perfect to keep and hand down to your children’s children.  What are some of your favorite wooden baby items?

xoxo, Carrie


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