Daddy’s Baby Faves (yes, it’s all Star Wars stuff!)


Girls can love Star Wars too! I’m sure Josh will have her watching these movies soon. She loves playing with these spheres now that she’s sitting up, and how adorable is the “T” print to go with her name?!  We had to include a mug for us too– coffee is a must these days!

  Like always, I’ve linked all the shops below!

Black and White Bib | Monster Bunny Boutique

Storm Trooper Mug | Black Cat Prints

“T” Print | Printable POP

Millenium Falcon Blanket | fraulein Lilly

R2D2 and BB8 Wooden Teethers | Harrison’s Toy Box

Star Wars Bibs | Golden Dot Lane

Sensory Sphere Toys | Bed Hog Shop

(Bow | Loopty Loo Bows)


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