Recipe | Teething Popsicles

Teething sucks.

I’ve been making these popsicles for a couple weeks now and they are heaven sent! They definitely give Tenley some relief and are a great cold snack for when we’re hanging out outside.  MAMA WARNING: these are messy… very messy!

All you need is a popsicle tray, your little ones favorite fruit, coconut water and/or yogurt. I usually make half the tray with coconut water and the other half with whatever flavor Stonyfield YoBaby yogurt I have on hand. Just drop a couple pieces of your diced fruit in the mold and fill with water or yogurt… so fast and easy!! Would love to hear if you end up making these for your little ones and how they liked them!

Headband: Miss Giggle Buns

Crop Top: 24 Seven Designs

Bike Shorts: Circo

xoxo, Carrie


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