Surviving the Toddler Years | Switching Up Your Routine

Rifle Paper Bow: Ari Berri Bows, Rifle Paper Collar & Leash: Clothes Pups

For me personally, the toddler stage has been WAY harder than the baby stage! The whining alone is enough to make this mama all sorts of crazy! I’ve noticed that it is worse when we get stuck in a routine of doing the same thing each day. I’ve listed some activities that she loves and we try to do at least one of these each week. Whenever we add one of these to our routine we both benefit from it…. makes her happier and in turn it makes mama happier!

  1. TAKE THE DOGS FOR A WALK: Tenley is obsessed with her doggies and when I let her be a part of walking the dogs she loves it! (Plus, how cute are their matching Rifle Paper bows?!)
  2. CRAYON PANDA: This place is PERFECT for toddlers! I highly recommend finding a place like this in your area. There are so many different types of age appropriate toys for them to play with.
  3. PLAY DATE: Finding some local mamas to meet up with is definitely key! This is a great time for your little one to socialize with their peers and for the mamas to connect too!
  4. TODDLER TIME AT YOUR LOCAL LIBRARY: Most local libraries have a set schedule each week that includes an hour of toddler time. At our library this hour usually consists of reading, music/dancing, and a simple craft project. This is also a great time for you to meet other moms in your area!
  5. TELLUS MUSEUM: If you don’t live near here, then it’s definitely worth a little road trip to visit! Tenley loves the fossil digging area the best!
  6. A MESSY CRAFT: The messier the better! The words messy and toddler pretty much go hand-in-hand. Try finger painting outside if you don’t want paint all over your house. There are a ton of great messy activity ideas on Pinterest right now.
  7. BOUNCE N’ BEANS: This place is nothing but indoor bouncy houses and it’s AMAZING! You can guarantee that your toddler will be taking a good nap after visiting this place!
  8. LUNCH DATE: Sometimes just a quick change of scenery will do you both some good. Treat you and your little one to a yummy Chick-fil-A date to get out of your day to day routine.
  9. POOL DAY: By far Tenley’s favorite! If you don’t have access to a pool, then try a blow up kiddie pool or water table for your backyard.

Hope this helps some of my fellow mamas out! What are some activities that you and your little one like to do?? xoxo, Carrie



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