Kitty Cat Birthday Party

This summer Tenley has loved all things “kee kats” a.k.a kitty cats so I knew she had to have a kitty cat birthday party. At first I had not planned on having a party for her since her baby brother was due mid-August and her birthday is mid-September. However, I got really antsy the last few weeks of my pregnancy so party planning actually helped keep my mind off of how miserable/uncomfortable I was feeling. Thank goodness I did everything before Everett got here since I ended up having to have a c-section near the end of August. I definitely wouldn’t have been able to make all of this after he was born! All of the party decor was super easy to make and very affordable. I was able to purchase all my materials from Hobby Lobby which was great since I was shopping with a busy toddler. Most of the decorations consist of yarn and bells to play off of the kitten theme. I wrapped paper mache letters with yarn, added kitty ears and whiskers (pipe cleaners) to the plates to make cat heads, and made yarn balls by wrapping yarn around different sizes of styrofoam balls. I really love how it turned out especially since I had to work with the bright yellow party room at the bouncy house venue. Comment below if you want a tutorial for anything!   xoxo, Carrie

Pigtail Bows, Dot Dress, Striped Socks


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