Toddler Fall Wardrobe (For Under $100)

18 (Mix & Match) Old Navy Looks For Just $99

I went into Old Navy to get one thing and then this happened… oops! BUT I did happen to go in when it was their Fall For All Event (up to 50% OFF storewide) AND Tenley desperately needed clothes for fall…. so it’s justified, right?? Also, I’m obsessed with everything Old Navy has for toddlers right now! They had a fur jacket I wanted to get her for winter, but they were sold out of her size. I found the fur vest hidden behind the jackets and snagged it instead. I was surprised at how many things I could actually mix and match when I got everything home and went through it. Everything pictured was just $99.25 (not including the shoes since those were gifted to her on her birthday).  I feel like that’s not too bad since this will carry her through the entire season. Although I did see a couple things I want to go back and get…

Everything is linked below (just click on the item you’re looking for). I’ve listed the sale prices next to each item too.  xoxo, Carrie

Plaid Dress ($16.06), Black Floral Dress ($16.06), Fur Vest ($13.76), Navy Floral Pull-Over ($8), White Long-sleeve Tee ($5.96), Mint Top (no longer online but similar style here) ($8), Long-sleeve Meow Tee ($5), Navy Floral Leggings ($4.97), Striped Leggings ($4.97), Black Leggings ($8), Skinny Jeans ($8.47), Black Cat LoafersTan Ballet FlatsBlush Ballet Flats







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