Halloween Pumpkin Painting Party


I invited a couple mommy friends over today and we attempted to have a pumpkin painting party with our little ones…. keyword “attempted.” Not many pumpkins were painted, but a lot of fun was had! We enjoyed a yummy orange punch, apple cider, chicken pot pie, and chocolate fondue! All the kids got their own little bucket filled with Halloween stickers, a Halloween coloring book (thank you dollar section at Target), bubbles, snacks, and a t-shirt I made that either said “EEK!” or “BOO!”…. I may have made one for myself as well haha). I sliced up apples and found a recipe for slow cooker chocolate fondue for us to dip them into. We had six selections of topping too: mini marshmallows, mini m&ms, crushed pretzels, crushed graham crackers, nuts, and toffee. I forgot to take photos of it with my camera so I’ve included a photo from my phone below. Find the orange punch recipe at the end of this post!  xoxo, Carrie

The two year olds did such a great job with their pumpkins! So cute!

It took a lot of work and mini M&Ms to get these photos!

To make this orange punch just mix the following: one can of frozen orange juice, one 46 ounce can of pineapple juice, one 2 liter of sprite, one quart of orange sherbet, and one drop of red food coloring. So yummy!


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