Valentine’s Day Toddler Snacks

valentines snacks

My two year old is a super picky eater so I’ll take any excuse to make snack time or lunch time more fun! I think the cute heart shapes and sprinkles distract her from the fact that she’s actually eating. She definitely eats more when I do things like this…. even though she ended up painting the grilled cheese with yogurt. 🙂 I love using the divided plate for her DIY yogurt parfait. I included honey nut Cheerios and dried fruit for her to mix into the yogurt (I also added some sprinkles I had on hand for some extra fun). You can find all the plates and utensils I use at! I’ve listed and linked the specific items/colors below:

Blush Divided Plate, White Flat Plate, Red Flat Plate, White Utensils, Red Utensils, Blush Utensils

xoxo, Carrie


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